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January 16th, 2020 | London

Technology In Construction & Property – A Look Ahead!


Over 100 young professionals from across the Property and Construction sector attended our first Challenges in Construction and Property event of 2020. Four speakers presented on the topic “Technology in Construction & Property – A Look Ahead” to give the audience an overview of how technology  is likely to impact construction projects and property transactions in the future. More importantly, they discussed how technology may affect each of our roles and career paths within the industry, and how we can best use technological changes to our advantage. 

For those of you who were unable to attend, and as a refresher for our audience, we hope you find the below summary of each presentation useful.

  1. Richard Begbey, Associate Director at Profile Construction Consultants discussed how our jobs may be at risk due to advances in Artificial Intelligence. Richard highlighted several ground-breaking new technologies now available on the market. He explained how the construction industry needs to adapt to these advances in order to keep up with the rest of the world. Richard also covered the impact of drones; their benefit to the construction industry; and how drones can assist in construction disputes if they are used to take regular photos of the site. 

  1. Nadia Krupska, Chartered Architect at Egan Lucocq examined how digital technologies transform the way we work, from a Project Manager’s perspective. Nadia looked at the use of BIM and 3D modelling as tools to improve the overall design and management of a project. She also demonstrated how far this technology has come in recent years, and many audience members mistook a CGI model image for a real photograph. 

  1. Ari Isaacs, CEO & Founder of ShapeDo considered the opportunities available to construction companies through the adoption of technology, and the challenges of implementing new technologies into the complex construction environment. He talked through a case study showing how software can be used intelligently during the design phase of a project. 

  1. Tringa Hashani, Trainee Solicitor at Silver Shemmings Ash LLP explained the key current and future technological challenges we face as stakeholders in the property sector. Tringa considered how we may effectively respond to those challenges to make property transactions more efficient, including the use of electronic signatures. 

With special thanks to all the speakers and to everyone who helped make this CCP event a great success, especially Julie Camp, Lucy Till, Sabra Farmand and Conor Ahern. 

We welcome any comments or feedback on the event, and if you would like any further information, kindly contact 

The next in our series of CCP events “Law in Construction & Property” will take place at Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London Bridge, SE11 9DD on 23 April 2020 at 6pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

October 10th, 2019 | London

The Impact Of Brexit On Young Professionals In Construction & Property


Our second CCP event was held on 10th October 2019 and centred around the impact of Brexit on young professionals in Construction and Property.

When the event took place, the UK’s plan was to leave the EU on 31st October 2019. However, following a rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement by MPs, the UK has now been granted a delay until January 31st 2020, after the EU accepted the request for a ‘flextension’.

This delay reinforced the line of discussions that took place at the event; Brexit has created a cloud of uncertainty. Michael Shapiro, a Property Partner at Silver Shemmings Ash, was one of the panellists speaking at the event, and his view is that the Property market likes certainty and that the last 3 years have meant that a strong underlying economy and property market has undoubtedly suffered. Deals are taking longer to complete and papers from Landlord’s solicitors are taking longer to receive. Having said that, Brexit cannot be blamed entirely for the current state of the Property market, technology has also had a huge impact. The rise in online sales has changed the face of retail and affected high street shops. Further, the success of food delivery apps has meant that restaurant operators are trading but many are trying to assign leases. A common theme of the evening amongst the panellists, however, was that the impact of Brexit was not all doom and gloom. The Property market, the City of London is a great place to do business and inward investment is likely to be preserved.

The CCP event also touched other areas as we were fortunate enough to have a Senior Currency Consultant, a R&D Tax Director and a Director of Broking all providing their insights on the impact Brexit has had on their industry.

July 11, 2019 | London

Challenges In Construction and Property


Challenges in Construction and Property (or CCP) was an idea generated by the young professionals at Silver Shemmings Ash. We wanted to create something unique and distinct from any other networking events. CCP is not just an event to make connections and meet new people, it is an event aimed at young professionals with topics for discussion, issues that they are facing in the current climate and ideas and ways to approach them. We have created a platform for our peers to share their knowledge and concerns they face every day and perhaps to find solutions, the idea is to give and to ensure that everyone leaves the event with a handful of new ideas.

Our first event was held in July 2019 in order to introduce ourselves and our mission to the world out there. Our guests come from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise from quantity surveyors to contractors, architects, financiers and property developers and etc.

The success of the launch has led us to carry on holding quarterly events, each covering a specific topic of the current climate.

For more information on future events or any other questions you might have please visit the contacts page and email Sabra Farmand or Julie Camp.